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    Xsential Pty Ltd specialises in providing water filtration systems for catering equipment.  Xsential has been reliably servicing the water filtration needs of the catering industry since 2002.  Our expertise is in providing protection for combination ovens, dishwashers, ice makers and coffee machines.  Presently we are an importer and wholesale distributor of a broad range of water filtration systems which provide water treatment solutions for most catering equipment.  We also manufacture some of our products in partnership with our suppliers and have a network of resellers through which we distribute our products nationally.

    At Xsential we understand the necessity for clean water and therefore we strive to provide the best advice and solutions to our clients.  It is in this close working environment with our customers that we conduct our own R&D leading to new products being established for our customers benefit.watermark-logo

    Unlike many of the water filtration systems in the market today our products have achieved the Watermark stamp of approval.  The Watermark is an Australian/New Zealand standard which if attained means that you have the assurance that the water filtration systems can withstand Australian high water pressure conditions and provides you the assurance of a quality product.

    Our Watermark products/water filtration systems include compatible quick change or snap on cartridges and systems, under counter water purifiers and reverse osmosis or RO water filtration systems for drinking, cooking, etc.

    We are also able to assist our clients to attain Watermark status for our OEM products so that they can also share the benefits of having a Watermark approved product.

    Look no further than Xsential’s water filtration systems solutions, whether it is for drinking or protecting your investment in Australia’s varied climatic and geographic environment.