About Xsential

Xsential Pty Ltd is a wholly owned Western Australian family business that has been operating in Australia for more than 12 years. It specialises in providing water related products such as water filtration systems, cold and hot water dispensers, systems that provide clean drinking water and replacement filter cartridges for a variety of uses and industries.

Xsential has particular expertise in providing water filtration systems for catering equipment and also has a wide range of replacement filter cartridges for many brands of water filtration systems. Our expertise in providing protection for combination steamer ovens, dishwashers, icemakers, coffee machines and glass‐washers have led to the development of a broad range of products that can be customised to work with many appliances that require clean water. Our replacement filter cartridge range is extensive and you will find replacement cartridges not only for Xsential’s own range of products but also cartridges to suit other brands of water filtration systems

Our Products


Food Service and Coffee range designed for commercial use


Filter Systems for mains water supplies


Filter systems designed specifically for rainwater supplies

Our Service


Get support for your installation, maintence or replacement.