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Issues which can affect the water quality of RO systems

Xsential warrants that its reverse osmosis systems will reject up to 92-96% of salts in water.The reverse osmosis (RO) technology has been around for many years and has shown that the technology provides the best solution when it comes to the protection from scaling of water feed appliances. Such appliances include combi-steamer ovens and coffee machines.

The use of RO systems have also been known to contribute to the extension of life of water feed appliances. However, RO systems cannot prevent corrosion from occurring. RO systems will invariably remove the elements in water that could contribute to corrosion thereby prolonging the life of appliances but corrosion can commence in any number of ways. All corrosion issues should be investigated by a corrosion expert.

Below are some factors which can affect the warranty of our RO systems.

  1. Water source: Australia’s water can come from dams, underground wells, desalination plants, or a mixture of various sources. This results in an inconsistent quality of water whereby some water sources could have more dissolved salts than others. For example underground sources of water have more dissolved salts than water from a dam. Hence RO systems might not be suitable for use in some areas. Highly saline water can affect the performance of Xsential’s RO systems. Please check the water quality with your local water authorities.
  2. Seasonality: The concentration of salts in water increases in some seasons due to lack of rainfall while in other seasons, the water may be less saline.
  3. Chemical treatment: The amount of chemicals used to treat the water e.g. chlorine, fluoride, etc can lead to inconsistencies in the water quality. Water is treated periodically by the local water authority leading to times when the water may contain high doses of elements that can cause corrosion.
  4. Manufacturer’s water requirements: The requirements by individual water feed appliances such as combi steamer ovens may vary from the specification produced by Xsential’s RO systems. Please check with the manufacturer before recommending Xsential RO system and the end user should be made aware of this as well.
  5. Wrong installation.
  6. Wrong TDS/water hardness output adjustment.
  7. Service interval: it is very important that all of Xsential’s RO systems are serviced regularly. Failureto service (replace filter cartridges) regularly can cause the RO system to not function properly. See the installation manual for details.

Although all care has been taken by Xsential to ensure that its RO systems perform according to its manufacturer’s specification, Xsential cannot guarantee the performance of its water treatment systems due to factors which are beyond its control. Some of these factors have been listed above. End users should be made aware of the factors that could affect the life of water feed appliances.

Please note that all RO systems should be installed by a qualify plumber or technician.

Xsential standard onsite CBD call out charge is $95+GST p/h. Xsential reserve the right to charge you/ your clients if the fault is due to the incorrect use or installation.

Please download the Warranty claim form: Warranty-Claim-Form.pdf to help us better service your request. After you complete the form, we would appreciate it if you could email or fax to us .

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